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Algarve lifeguards fined in summer beach clampdown

albufeirabeachIllegal trading and the parking vehicles in the sand dunes were the main offences registered on the Algarve’s beaches this summer.

The regional commander of the Southern Marine Police, Paulo Isabel, reported that by the end of September there had been 144 violations ranging from people selling food, jewelry or clothing without a license which attracts fines of between €25 and €500, to dogs being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The parking of vehicles in off limits locations, usually in sand dune areas, led to 39 violations notably in Faro and Portimão council areas, an offence carrying fines of between €250 and €2,500.

As for lifeguards, 33 offences were logged for various misdeeds including (artehr worryingly) not fulfilling their duties, being outside their marked areas, not having proper equipment and not having the correct flags to denote bathing areas.

Fishermen were not exempt as 23 infractions were registered along with two people fined for allowing their dogs in beach concession areas.

With regard to the breach of safety rules at beaches with cliffs, no offences were registered as strangely the Algarve’s beaches are not registered as dangerous, only as 'high risk.'

"The biggest problem are cliffs in the western area, it is a situation that causes us some concern as it involves the safety of people, but the new signage has helped to keep people away from risky areas," said Paulo Isabel.

There was but one fine handed out to a bather, on a beach in the Olhão council area. 

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