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easyJet makes €581 million profit

easyjeteasyJet sees increase in passenger numbers drive up profits

Low-cost carrier easyJet has revealed a 21.5% increase in annual pre-tax profits, as rising passenger numbers drive up figures.

Luton-based easyJet saw profits rise to £581 million for the year ended September 31st, up from £478 million for 2013.

An increase of 7% also saw the carrier welcome 64.8 million passengers.

Performance was also boosted by the acquisition of landing slots at London Gatwick Airport from Flybe following its rival's restructuring.

The amount of available seats on easyJet’s 226 planes grew by 5.1% to 71.5 million during the year, of which almost 91% were filled.

easyJet also said its outlook for the coming year was largely positive, with falling fuel prices expected to drive down costs.

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