Google Ads tips by Clarity – the new Google Ads automated bidding strategy

Google Ads tips by Clarity – the new Google Ads automated bidding strategyProbably most of you have noticed that Google has added a new option for you when choosing the bidding strategy. The new strategy is called “Maximize conversion value”. It promises to get the most conversion value within your budget. Let´s get acquainted with it, shall we?

Google Ads news by Clarity

Google Ads news by ClarityGoogle Ads is about to retire the Average position metrics on September 30th. It´s been known for a while that the Average position metrics is going away from our Google Ads reports and we´ve even dedicated another article to this topic when the news first came out, but now we have a fixed date – September, 30 is the time to say goodbye to Average position.

So, what should you do?

Google Ads tips by Clarity

Google Ads tips by ClarityGoogle Ads has rolled out a new feature – “Seasonality adjustments” for Search and Display Campaigns. And later this year we will have a chance to use it on the Shopping Campaigns as well.

Google´s AI has become very, very intelligent and most of the advertisers use some sort of automation. It is easy to use, saves time and often brings way better results than keeping your campaigns 100% manually driven.

Google Ads tips by Clarity

Google Ads tips by ClarityShould I invest more money in my Google Ads campaign or is the current budget enough?

It’s a valid question! Here are some quick and easy steps you can go through to get an answer.

SEO 101 by Clarity: Keyword intent

SEO 101 by Clarity: Keyword intentYou’ve probably heard lots of times that Google has become very good in understanding the search intent. But do you fully understand what search intent is and how can you use it in your digital marketing? Today we will try to clear out all these doubts.

SEO news by Clarity

SEO news by ClarityWatch out, site-owners! It’s time to check your robots.txt file! Starting from the 1st September, Google will stop supporting the noindex directive in the robots.txt file.

Let us start with a small disclaimer: all this is a bit technical, so if you find the explanation below confusing, try first checking our previous articles about crawlability, where we explained in detail everything you need to know about the robots.txt file.

Google Ads News by Clarity

Google Ads News by ClarityIf your company advertises on Google Ads, watch out for this news! Google has rolled out an important update on keyword match types. You might need to take some action.

Google has announced another big update for Google Ads. This time changes have come to the “phrase match” and “broad match modifier” keywords. These keywords are now starting to also match "same meaning" keywords.

Let´s try to understand it better with the example that Google provided.

Facebook Ads tips by Clarity

Facebook Ads tips by ClarityFacebook boosts still confuse a lot of business owners. Are boosts the same as Facebook ads? Are they ads at all? Where can they appear? Which one is the right one for my business: boost or ad campaign? These are just some of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis.