ACCAWe are an officially registered Portuguese charity that supports underprivileged children (and their families) in the Algarve, through a network of volunteers and in association with a number of social partnerships and aid associations.

Background - ACCA was born out of a meeting between a group of friends who wanted to help organize a single event for a children’s charity back in 2000. Jane Oliphant, our founder, realized quite quickly that there were a lot more children across the Algarve that needed help. Plus, she and her friends had genuinely enjoyed dreaming up the event, creating interest and persuading as many people as possible to get involved. So they decided to form a more permanent team and to create ACCA (Associação de solidariedade com as Crianças Carenciadas do Algarve/supporting underprivileged children in the Algarve).

Word quickly spread of the work they were doing for children across the Algarve and people began calling them and asking how they could help. Working with many local institutions, poor families, gypsy children, schools, disabled youngsters and kids from dysfunctional families, ACCA has raised over 400,000 euros and this money has been used directly to help those children who need it most.We now have a permanent committee and a regular team of helpers, all of whom are volunteers. But, more importantly, we continue to rely on our vast network of friends and supporters across the Algarve, all of whom have something to offer.


ACCA, c/o Apartado 3610EC,  Almancil, 8136-907, Algarve, Portugal

Fundraising: Wanda Crawford

Volunteers: Jackie Quirk

If you would like to contact any of the committee members, please email Wanda Crawford on wandacrawfordspa@yahoo.com

Alternatively you can contact Wanda on Tel: 919617995.


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