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Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura aces Portugal’s golf resort of the year award

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura has been named Golf Resort of the Year – Portugal at the 2024 IAGTO AwardsDom Pedro Golf Vilamoura has secured its first recognition since DETAILS took over its management, winning Golf Resort of the Year in Portugal at the 2024 IAGTO (International Association of Golf Travel Operators) awards.

Drive Wise, Stay Safe: Key Considerations for Travelers in Foreign Traffic

DRIVE WISE, STAY SAFE: KEY CONSIDERATIONS FOR TRAVELERS IN FOREIGN TRAFFICAre you planning on going abroad? If so, if you intend on driving, you need to educate yourself on your travel destination’s road laws. A lot of people make the mistake of flying internationally, and then trying to drive the same way they do in the United States.

New Airport in 2050?

NEW AIRPORT IN 2050?Our government presented the general plans for a new airport in Lisbon. It accepted proposals by a Technical Committee who surveyed some options.

What You Need to Know About Driving Your UK Car in Algarve

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DRIVING YOUR UK CAR IN ALGARVEWith its winding coastal roads, charming villages, and stunning beaches, the Algarve offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Before you head off on your journey, we’ve looked into a few requirements to ensure you travel safely and worry-free!

Exploring the Best of Britain: Beaches and Mountains

EXPLORING THE BEST OF BRITAIN: BEACHES AND MOUNTAINSThe UK is not just filled with mesmerizing history or shopping arcades. It’s also home to numerous natural wonders, which is why so many people visit this beautiful island every year.

Discover the Algarve: Summer Adventures in the South of Portugal

Discover the Algarve: Summer Adventures in the South of PortugalSummer is coming and that means it's time to enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious food and exciting activities in the enchanting Algarve! Whether you are a sun worshiper, an adventurer or a foodie, the Algarve has something for everyone.

Stay Cool Anywhere | Powering Up 12V Fridge with a Portable Power Station

STAY COOL ANYWHERE | POWERING UP 12V FRIDGE WITH A PORTABLE POWER STATIONOne thing that is common among traveling on the open road, a remote camping spot, and living in a van is that your supplies must stay fresh. A 12V refrigerator is more than just an appliance for outdoor travelers, van-lifers, and campers; it’s a way for them to get healthy food and refreshing drinks.

'DETAILS' to spearhead development of new-look Vilamoura as Europe’s leading leisure destination

'DETAILS' TO SPEARHEAD DEVELOPMENT OF NEW-LOOK VILAMOURA AS EUROPE’S LEADING LEISURE DESTINATIONDETAILS, a newly established, independent sports and hospitality management platform, has assumed control of some of golf’s most famous real estate in Vilamoura, Portugal, with a vision of elevating the destination to the very best in Europe.