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We Like to Make Short Work of It

WE LIKE TO MAKE SHORT WORK OF IT     Judges hope juries will keep their deliberations short, and guilty people hope judges will hand down short sentences.  We all live in such a hectic 24-hours-a-day world that most of us paradoxically wish there were more hours in the day.

Is religion relevant today?

IS RELIGION RELEVANT TODAY?Our modern society likes to proclaim itself to be multicultural and secular, and the direction seems to be a future without old-fashioned religious ballast where science is the tool for constant progress and prosperity, happiness for everything and everyone.

Detectives Aren't Perfect

Frank CannonThere was rather a portly TV detective called Frank Cannon, played by the late William Conrad, who used to pursue criminals on foot at such a slow pace that it sometimes appeared he was running backwards.  To the bakery or pie shop, perhaps. 

Try Not To Complicate Matters

TRY NOT TO COMPLICATE MATTERSKeep things simple, I always say.  The famous equation E = mc2 could be much more simply stated as "Energy equals 2 squares of milk chocolate."  Job done.  

Some Advice from Bygone Times

SOME ADVICE FROM BYGONE TIMESWe learn from experience that no one ever learns from experience, but that doesn't stop people giving us advice. "Never fall in love with a tennis player, love means nothing to them." And yet I've never seen a headline that read, "Psychic Wins Lottery," have you?

Composite valley in the Algarve

Composite valley in the Algarve.Many of us, expatriates, work or have worked with high tech. Many adults and most of youngsters think this has to do with informatics, AI, etc. This is still valid, but will not be true in the future.

A Town that Lived Up to Its Name?

A TOWN THAT LIVED UP TO ITS NAME?My medical degrees from California Beach University must still be in the post - it was 'buy one, get one free', so I'm also a qualified hairdresser.  I've often wondered how that works with other products.  If you claim a refund on the first dishwasher, do you get to keep the free one?

Music in the Algarve & Lisbon

MUSIC IN THE ALGARVE & LISBONMany of us, expatriates, love classic music. In Lisbon there are theatres with excellent acoustics, such as the Gulbenkian and São Carlos. Some churches have very good acoustics and excellent organs, such as S.Vicente de Fora. They are used very often.