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Vegetarian cooking workshop - May 23rd 2024

VEGETARIAN COOKING WORKSHOP - MAY 23RD 2024Are you keen to dive into the world of vegetarian cooking but unsure where to begin? Our upcoming vegetarian cooking workshop will show you how to combine herbs, spices, and fresh produce to create delicious meals from scratch.

May is 'Face Month' at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz

MAY IS 'FACE MONTH' AT HEALTH & BEAUTY BY ESTRELA DA LUZGet ready for summer with Face Month at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz - As we approach summer, many of us desire to have exceptionally radiant skin.

Quinta Art Collective Exhibition - June 1st to July 7th 2024

QUINTA ART COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION - JUNE 1ST TO JULY 7TH 2024Quinta Art Collective's next exhibition will be held from the 1st of June to the 7th of July, at the Associação Cultural Republica 14, in Olhão.

Algarve History Association Music Events this May

ALGARVE HISTORY ASSOCIATION MUSIC EVENTS THIS MAYThe Algarve History Association concentrates this month on music. At 17h00 on Saturday, 25 May, our young friend Nikola Meeuwsen returns to the Algarve from his busy schedule in the Netherlands to play his seventh concert for us. 

TOR ARTE Iberica Spring Art Show : Saturday 18 May - Sunday 2 June 2024

TOR ARTE IBERICA SPRING ART SHOW : SATURDAY 18 MAY - SUNDAY 2 JUNE 2024ARTLINK collective are returning to the award winning Quinta da Tõr winery for their third consecutive annual Spring Art Show. 

afpop Events in May and June 2024

afpop events Here are some new events, scheduled for this May and June 2024.

Amigos de Música concerts in May 2024


For the AMIGOS CONCERTS on May 14th and 16th, 2024, we are delighted to announce two brilliant artists from England who come again to Portugal to play for the AMIGOS DE MÚSICA: Acclaimed virtuoso clarinettist SARAH  WILLIAMSON  accompanied by VIV McLEAN, piano.

Unwind, Create, and Rejuvenate: Algarve Locals, Join Us for a Unique Retreat!

UNWIND, CREATE, AND REJUVENATE: ALGARVE LOCALS, JOIN US FOR A UNIQUE RETREAT!Calling all Algarve residents! Are you yearning for a tranquil retreat surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of nature, all within reach of your own doorstep? Look no further than Figs on the Funcho, your haven for creativity and relaxation.