Need Help with a problem

We  here at Nova Vida understand  that there are those that are not quite sick and tired of being sick and tired; struggling with a drink, drug or food problem or fast approaching ‘burn out’ but who are  beginning to realise that they need to seek some sort of help.

We appreciate and recognise the busy times we live in and that people may not be able to commit themselves both financially or in time to a full 32 Programme.  Pre-treatment counselling or a more comprehensive 7 or 14 day residential assessment, with detox (if necessary) may be suitable  short term option in these circumstances. Often this may be accompanied by medical examination, psychiatric evaluation and blood tests. All essential ingredients to ensure that any delay in entering full residential treatment is safe.

Family and friends may be making suggestions, some may be suggesting rehab but the user may be holding on to a glimmer of hope that they can solve the problem without having to commit to a 32 day period of intensive help.  During this pre treatment phase, denial plays a huge role and although there may be a green shoot of motivation beginning to emerge from the darkness; it is still a step too far to admit defeat and to seek help. It is a daunting step to take and professional preparatory work is needed in order to convince the patient for the need for treatment and to dispel some of the frightening myths and misunderstandings of treatment. We want to help those people see the benefit of treatment not only in the short term but in the long term too.

The Clinical Team at Nova Vida consists of both male and female fully trained (Ex Priory) professionally qualified Counsellors and they totally understand the confusion and struggle that goes on in the heads of those who need help but are not quite ready to commit. That is why they offer the opportunity of a number of pre treatment options for users to take stock of their lives and to understand their illness better, be clearer about the damage it is causing both to themselves and those who they care about and to gain a better understanding about treatment and the different possibilities that are available to help them.

For many an independent assessment of their individual personal addiction problems gives them a better understanding of the consequences of their addictive behaviour and is sufficient for them to tap into their own motivation and elect to enter treatment.  For others it is a beginning of a process that eventually leads to treatment. Help now will lead to a better tomorrow.

If left untreated, addiction being a progressive and chronic illness, can lead to a premature death or serious health complications.  The aim of pre-treatment counselling is, therefore, not only to prepare and motivate the client for treatment but also to help reduce the risk of complications resulting from further abuse and even greater consequences. We often hear patients say they haven’t lost their job, crashed their car or caused harm to their families and we always reply “yet”! Harm limitation or controlled drinking or using is seldom successful for those with a clearly defined dependency but in the lead up to abstinance treatment it is an important aspect.

We will work with you to look at changes that need to be made to your basic thinking and behaving in your world with the aim of reducing the dangerous behaviour of drinking or using, over working, over eating, misuse of prescribed medication, minimising the consequences, reducing the harm and motivating you to addressing the issue.  The short term aim would be to minimise the harm of the continued use of drink, drugs or behaviours and the long term aim to motivate you to enter treatment. Often this may involve family members who have been on the receiving end of the inevitable consequences of chemical abuse. They too need support and can also be a useful tool to help break down the ever present denial – our psychological defence mechanism against emotional pain.

Research has shown that there is no substitute for a full 32 day residential treatment programme; it gives the best opportunity to gain any quality of recovery. However, a shorter programme may be sufficient  to get you on the path of recovery.

Talk to Sally on 919 357186 and book an appointment. The initial assessment is free and is fully confidential. There is no obligation whatsoever so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain – pick up the phone and make that call.

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