Share & Care Portugal: Advice,Support and Information, for those who have lost a loved one

SHARE & CARE PORTUGAL: ADVICE,SUPPORT AND INFORMATION, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LOST A LOVED ONEShare & Care Portugal was born from a sad event in a womans life when her hubby, Michael died suddenly. The day was beautiful, the sun shining, we went for drive in the mountains, had a lovely picnic and paddled in the river. On the way back we collected pine cones from the forest, we sang and listen to music in the car driving home.

MichaelAs I watered the garden Michael called me in, had a pain in his arm. I called an ambulance , he collapsed as they arrived, he was 55, healthy as far as we knew. Loving his life, looked so healthy. He died within half an hour as they we trying to work on him to save his life in our home. My life fell apart, I felt so alone, had so much to arrange, trying to cope with the shock and then the onset of grief ... But I am still here to tell the story, and I dedicated Share & Care Portugal to Michael. 

Debs went through a dreadful, lonely time coming to terms with it all and dealing with all the red tape. After a year, she decided to set up this organisation to help others in similar circumstances.

The Aims and Objectives of this Project

1. To give advice on procedures and protocol with regards to funerals, police investigations, and general Aadvice of what to do and how to access services in Portugal.

2. Offer Free Talking Therapies and more Advanced Grief Counselling if required.

3. Offer an Email Grief buddy if required.

4. Offer Self Help Therapies.

5. Recommend solicitors for a Will Service and Property Transfers.

6. Create a community where everyone is welcome, taking away the stigma of death and loss.

7. Give a platform for people to express themselves, placing memorials and their own thoughts. This is part of a healing process.

8. Assist Anyone who is terminally ill.

9. Lobby the Portuguese Goverment as and when required, with regards to some necessary changes, if a family feel they have not been treated right by the Authorities.

If you need any information or would just like to talk to someone, just email shareandcareportugal@gmail.com or call us on 926 865 115.

Facebook: Share & Care Portugal


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