The Rotary Club of Albufeira receives two awards

THE ROTARY CLUB OF ALBUFEIRA RECEIVES TWO AWARDSThe Rotary Club of Albufeira has just been awarded with two recognitions/distinctions, namely "Highest 1960 district distinction", with the Platinum classification and "Rotarian of the Year", awarded to the Rotary Club Albufeira 2020/2021 President, Jorge Azevedo, by District 1960 - 2020/2021 Governor, Roberto Carvalho.

President Jorge Azevedo says, "It was with great honour, pride, gratitude and increased sense of responsibility, that I received from the 1960 District Governor, the distinction and the pin "Rotarian  of the Year" as  Rotary Club President  2020-2021, and also the Platinum Recognition given to our Rotary Club of Albufeira. "
"A great thanks to 1960 District, to the  Governor  2020-2021, Roberto Carvalho, and to the  Executive Secretary District, and  Public Image Commission President, Jorge Lucas Coelho, for the recognitions received! Definitely the result of team work, collective merit, and also to the effort developed over a very difficult year, but very rewarding for the community.

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