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Tina McEvoy.... Art for Dogs Project

TINA MCEVOY.... ART FOR DOGS PROJECTTina has been supporting StreetLife since 2022… she emailed StreetLife asking to meet for coffee to discuss how she could help ... and that was the start of an incredible journey and friendship with StreetLife. 

To date Tina has helped sterilise 36 dogs from an incredible €3185 raised as a result of donations for her paintings.

"Summer Breeze"What is Art for Dogs?

After many years of painting Tina felt that it was time to do something meaningful with her art.  So she decided to combine two things close to her heart - being creative and helping abandoned dogs.

Tina creates colourful eye-catching abstract paintings. If you want to own one of her pieces of art, Tina will ask you to make a donation to StreetLife and she will send you the painting as a gift.  100% of your donation will be used to help families on low incomes and our partner shelters sterilise dogs.

Tina has held exhibitions at Octant Vila Monte on behalf of StreetLife and also has artwork on display at Real Marina Hotel in Olhão. 

Tina also features one painting each month, which is posted on StreetLife’s Website & Facebook page...if you would like one of these paintings Tina will manage the logistics and the donation to StreetLife. 

May Art for Dogs - Monthly Painting

With summer right on our doorstep in Portugal, Tina McEvoy has kept up the seasonal theme to her lovely paintings and her "Art for Dogs" initiative.

The next phase of Tina's seasonal pieces is called "Summer Breeze".  See to the right.

The piece is 42.5cm x 32.5cm, Acrylics on paper. It is priced at €150, which will be donated to StreetLife.

For more information about this lovely work of art, or Tina’s “Art for Dogs Project” send her an email:  info@artmcevoy.de

If you'd like to see more of Tina's work go to her website:  https://tinamcevoy.de/

W: https://www.streetlife.pt/



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