Portugal Charity Chat Hosts Successful Inaugural Workshop at Kit&Caboodle Alcantarilha

PORTUGAL CHARITY CHAT HOSTS SUCCESSFUL INAUGURAL WORKSHOP AT KIT&CABOODLE ALCANTARILHAPortugal Charity Chat, a platform dedicated to fostering collaboration among charities, held its successful inaugural workshop at Kit&Caboodle Alcantarilha. The event was a resounding success, thanks to the superb presentations from our esteemed speakers.

23579 1Emma Wilson, founder of Big Sister Social Media, captivated the audience with her insightful presentation on "Making Better Use of Social Media." Emma provided invaluable insights and practical tips to enhance social media presence, which proved to be incredibly beneficial for all attendees.

Following Emma's session, Sheena Rawcliffe, a seasoned public speaker and presenter, delivered an excellent session on "Improving Your Presentation Skills." Sheena's expertise and engaging style helped participants gain confidence and refine their presentation techniques.

Given the overwhelming success of the event, Portugal Charity Chat are thrilled to announce that more workshops are planned for the future. Stay tuned for details on upcoming events and workshops designed to provide valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.

For more information, please send mail to portugalcharitychat@gmail.com.

Portugal Charity Chat also encourages individuals and organizations interested in joining future networking events and workshops, or learning more about their charitable initiatives, to follow them on social media:

About Portugal Charity Chat 

Portugal Charity Chat is a platform dedicated to promoting collaboration and support among charitable organizations. Providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and educational workshops to help charities thrive and make a greater impact.


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