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May is 'Face Month' at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz

MAY IS 'FACE MONTH' AT HEALTH & BEAUTY BY ESTRELA DA LUZGet ready for summer with Face Month at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz - As we approach summer, many of us desire to have exceptionally radiant skin.

Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz is pleased to introduce Face Month, a special invitation for May, to discover our personalized skin care treatments and follow the advice from our experts for achieving a glowing and visibly healthy complexion.

Benefits of Deep Facial Cleansing:

Getting a deep facial cleansing from a qualified professional can help you get rid of impurities, dead cells, and blackheads, leaving your skin with a radiant complexion. At Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz, we offer this treatment to people with all skin types. To even out and brighten your skin, we use ultrasonic peeling.

Book your Face Month treatment at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz. The event takes place every Monday and Thursday in May.

Discover our options:

•Deep Facial Cleansing (€50);
•Deep Facial Cleansing + Localized Massage (€85);
•Power Hyaluronic Skeyndor + Express Manicure (€60).

Indulge in a rejuvenating skin treatment for an even brighter summer!

Schedule your appointment now at (+351) 282 771 200 | info@estreladaluz.com | www.estreladaluz.com

Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz

Located at Rua Manuel Augusto Alves Catarino, 8600-136, Praia da Luz, Lagos (Resort Estrela da Luz), Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz is a place that offers a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments. Our team of qualified professionals provides unique experiences to our clients, catering to their specific needs. We use Skeyndor products to offer exceptional beauty care to those who seek it.


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