Albufeira: 26 beaches receive the Blue Flag again

ALBUFEIRA: 26 BEACHES RECEIVE THE BLUE FLAG AGAIN - Photo by Daniel PinaOut of a total of 92 Blue Flag awards awarded to beaches in the Algarve, Albufeira once again won the highest number of awards, raising the Blue Flag on 26 of its beaches.

On June 7th, the Blue Flag raising ceremony took place at Praia dos Pescadores, which was attended by members of the council and various local and regional entities.

The  Abufeira beaches awarded the Flag are: Alemães, Arrifes, Aveiros, Belharucas, Castelo, Coelha, Evaristo, Falésia Açoteias, Falésia Alfamar, Galé-Leste, Galé-Oeste, INATEL – Albufeira, Manuel Lourenço, Maria Luísa, Olhos de Água, Oura, Oura-Leste, Peneco, Pescadores, Rocha Baixinha, Rocha Baixinha-East, Rocha Baixinha-Poente, São Rafael, Salgados, Santa Eulália and the Albufeira Marina.

On the same morning, the Accessible Beach Flags were also raised on 14 of Albufeira's beaches: Alemães, Galé-Leste, Galé-Oeste, INATEL – Albufeira, Manuel Lourenço, Maria Luísa, Oura, Olhos de Água, Peneco, Pescadores, Rocha Baixinha , Rocha Baixinha-Nascente, Salgados and Santa Eulália.

José Carlos Rolo, president of the municipality, said in his speech, "with the 26 Blue Flags, Albufeira reaffirms itself as an example of environmental excellence and commitment to sustainability, attracting visitors from all over the world".

The Regional Director of the Administration of the Algarve Hydrographic Region at the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA/ARH), Pedro Coelho, said that "a set of interventions has been developed in order to mitigate possible complications in the water quality, risks of collapse, increased safety and reduced consumption”.

Photo by Daniel Pina

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