'Democracy- where?' by Jack Soifer

4794The assumption of the American / French democratic model, one vote per adult, assumes that adults are rational in their choices, that politicians are honest and will do what they promise.

THE REAL WORLD IS NOT LIKE THIS. The controlling agencies should use consensual criteria among citizens. But their bosses, chosen by the establishment and given very high wages and advantages, are influenced by the lobbies.

The concentration of companies into giga-corporations and into federations with plenty of euros, makes these lobbies increasingly powerful. They influence governments, MPs, maybe some judges.

For example, the European Central Bank, which decides on much of the economy of the Eurozone countries and thus the life of every citizen, is not a democratically elected body.

Representative democracy no longer represents the voter in the constituency of each member of parliament, but represents the lobbies and those who contribute most to the electoral campaigns.

Voter that does not vote, writes CANCEL, or VOTES BLANK, the ‘nabos’ will never elect an MP to parliament.

The 'NABO', N-ot valid, A-bstention, B-lank, O-ther (nanos) is gaining more and more strength due to a discredited system. In the recent elections here it reached 53%. If voting at all, they chose someone new in the big parties, or a populist.

"In the ‘Pros and Cons’ on RTP (Mar/01/2010), I said that when there is no E-volution, there comes a RE-volution"

SOLUTION: As in Sweden, ban all paid election ads! By law, radio and TV are required to broadcast electoral debates giving even the newly registered parties airtime.

In each city and town, 30 days before the election, each registered party is allowed to put up a banner in the square. Any party violating these rules may lose these opportunities.

There can be no 'party line' voting. Each party leader must win his colleague's vote each time there is a vote. Whoever votes differently is not punished. Some require that the member justify their decisions in writing.

To register a party, 30 signatures are enough. Each candidate on the list submits his statement of property and income, and of his family. This is made public and renewed annually.

The same procedure is used for the directors of public companies or where the state or municipality has more than 10% of the shares.

Unemployment, corruption, and discredit in the Eurozone looks like 1933 Europe and the pre-Hitler era.

Disbelief in the system can bring a new Hitler. BUT an enlightened dictator, only for a few years, can clean everything up without torture, can stop promiscuity between the powers, can change the system!

In ‘Pros and Cons’ of RTP, Mar/01/2010, I said that when there is no E-volution, comes a RE-volution.

The far right is emerging in France and Austria. Who can change this if not us citizens?



Jack Soifer


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