'France: hidden figures' by Jack Soifer

eiffeltowerI’ve written earlier that the presidential elections in France would end up in a mess. I told friends that Le Pen would not win, but would get most of the votes of unhappy citizens. I was wrong. A new group almost won the elections, the NABO (Null, Abstention, Blank, Other), with 37% of electors. Macron got only 41.5%, far from the majority.

Worst results for the current so called “democracy” in France is the abstention among youngsters (30%) and young professionals up to 34y, (28%). We all know they are the ones who get onto the streets to fight for their democratic rights, those who arrange and guarantee strikes and who may, desperate, start violent protests.

Does Macron have experience of dealing with such protests? Does he have experience of dealing with a coalition of several parties?

Those 37% will vote for which parties, in June? If they did not vote for the two who ran for ballots, as proposed by other presidential candidates, who says they will vote for the big parties now? Will the Congress, as in Holland, Portugal and other countries since last elections, need 3-4 parties in coalition to support president Macron? Do not forget that in the EU, Congresses, not the presidents, run the countries.

As first surveys indicate, three parties may get 41% and together with Le Pen reach 55% while the Macron-coalition would get some 40%.

Which will be the role of his mature bourgeois wife? While consultant in the Rothschild-group Macron most important task was a gigantic merger/acquisition between Nestlé and the pharmaceutical Pfizer, a deal which details are kept in secret in Switzerland. Why would a food-group purchase a drug-group?Would they profit by using dangerous chems in food then profit again selling drugs to same clients? Why are those details secret?

How could a unknown Macron in just a few months grow from zero to 41,5% of electors? Neuromarketing, like Trump? How could a majority of 58% among youngsters and young professionals in France, always very political engaged, vote for NABO? Will Macron use neuromarketing paid by foreign gigafunds and banks to rule France?

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