N.A.B.O Got Double The Amount Of Marcelo!

N.A.B.O GOT DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF MARCELO!With 39,9 thousand Null votes, 5,081,0 Abstentions, 46,9 Blank, and 255,0 Others (nanoparties) NABO won with some 58%!

CONGRATULATIONS NABO for the 5,423,4 voters who chose it! More than double the 2,519.6 who voted for the already president, Marcelo. The biggest defeat of the so-called democracy in our beloved Portugal!

This clear dissatisfaction, as evidenced by the great leap of the extremist party Chega! It is not true that Coronavirus is to blame for this, as voters had other choices and their information was very efficient. Even if 390,000 did not vote for Corona's risk, NABO still had twice that of Marcelo.

The media, mainly TV, Radio and newspapers, ignore the citizen. The information sector, always changing bosses, gives a voice to those who already have a voice and not to the millions of active citizens in associations, clubs, or enterprises. They know how to speak, but they don't have the oratory of politicians, they have long been out of active life. They are not hyped or contradictory, which bad journalism likes. They put forward good observations and suggestions.

The world is not simple, not only black, grey and white. No serious country has even half the population with the same wishes. The Only real democracy reflects the richness of multicultural life and the increasingly vital tolerance in today's world. NABO won!

Voters are fed up with what TV and professional politicians call democracy. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY! When 58% vetoed the system (52.8% in the previous election), when the party chief ignores local ideas within the general party program, and decides the local list, he is ignoring the voice of the grassroots.

And now, in the new normal, time for another electoral system?

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