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Gale's Westminster View - May 2022

westminster2May.  Basic Instincts from Angela Rayner on the Labour Front Bench and a baser instinct from Neil Parrish who resigns as the Member og Parliament for Honiton and Tiverton. Food and fuel prices are reaching `apocalyptic` levels according to the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey.

Gale`s Westminster View - March 2022

GALE`S WESTMINSTER VIEW - MARCH 2022March. War crimes in Crimea. A theatre sheltering hundreds of women and children is destroyed in the eastern port city of Mariupol while extraordinarily the harbour facilities remain intact.

Gale`s Westminster View - February 2022

GALE`S WESTMINSTER VIEW - FEBRUARY 2022February. A Prime Minister under siege, more goings and comings in Downing Street, a tasteless `dead cat` smear on the Leader of the Opposition and a hurried scrapping of the remaining Covid restrictions in a bid to placate the fractious Tory right.

Gale's Westminster View - The Russian invasion of Ukraine

GALE'S WESTMINSTER VIEW - THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINEAs the song says, “When will they ever learn……?”

Gale`s Westminster View - January 2022

westminsterJanuary. Downing Street parties while the UK is locked down and Covid rages. Sue Gray`s report into the conduct of the Prime Minister and officials is delayed through the belated intervention of the Metropolitan police. A Conservative MP crosses the floor to join the Labour benches and there are rising demands for Mayor Bunter to leave Downing Street.

Election fraud!

ELECTION FRAUD!In the last national elections, 673,206 votes cast for valid parties, did not count. The Hondt Method says each vote will only count if that party elected an MP (Member of Parliament), in that constituency.

Gale's Westminster View – December 2021

GALE'S WESTMINSTER VIEW – DECEMBER 2021December Oh-My-God-Cron dominates the political stage and the headlines  worldwide. In the UK the spread of the virulent new strain of Covid once again sets science against the economy and public health against political interest as indecision remains the order of the day.

Gale's Westminster View – November 2021

GALE'S WESTMINSTER VIEW – NOVEMBER 2021November.  COP 26, the Climate change conference, finally arrives in Glasgow hot on the heels of the G20 summit of Rome. The World`s leaders and climate-change activists clock up the air-miles in their determination to get to Scotland to  Save the Planet.