2 Ways to Check Someone’s Browsing History on Android

2 WAYS TO CHECK SOMEONE’S BROWSING HISTORY ON ANDROIDMost people use the internet daily. And chances are, you're one of them. Whether you're using it for work, school, or just to stay connected with friends and family, the internet has become a staple in our lives.

But have you ever wondered what other people are looking at when they're online?

Maybe you want to see what websites your kids visit, or you're curious about your partner's internet habits.

Whatever the reason, there are ways to check someone's browsing traces on Android devices.
In this blog post, we'll show you how.

Method One: Google Activity

If you're using an Android device that is linked to a Google account, then you can use the Google Activity feature to view that person's browsing history.

Simply go to activity.google.com and sign in with the correct Google account information. Once you're signed in, scroll down to the "My Activity" section and you will see a list of all the websites that have been visited from that particular device.

You can also use the Google Activity feature to view someone's search history, as well as the YouTube videos they've watched.

To find particular information, you can use the filter feature. For example, you can filter by date or product. Some of the most useful by-product filters are:

- By YouTube: You can view all the YouTube videos that have been watched on a particular device.

- By Google Maps: You can see all the places searched for and visited on Google Maps.

- By videos and images: You can view all the images and videos that have been downloaded on a device.

To filter your results, click on the filter icon and select your preferred option.

Keep in mind that Google Activity of another person can be filtered by you only if you have access to their account. You can get access to their account in different ways:

- If they've given you explicit permission to view their activity

- If they've added you as a family member or friend in Google Family Link or Google+

- If you're signed in to the same account

Method Two: Third-Party App

We agree that the native method to check someone's Google activity is ineffective. But don't worry; there are still some ways you can track their activity without their knowledge. For this, you will need the help of a third-party app such as mSpy.

mSpy is one of the most popular and effective monitoring solutions for Android devices available today. It is known for tracking someone's activity on almost all online platforms, including social media, instant messaging, and browsing Internet history.

Here's how you can use mSpy to check someone's Google activity:

1. First, visit the official website of mSpy and create an account.

2. After that, you must purchase a subscription plan depending on your needs.

3. Once you have purchased the plan, you will receive a confirmation email containing all the instructions you need to follow to set up the app.

4. After the installation process is completed, mSpy will start tracking the target device's activity. You will be able to check it by logging into your account on the official website.

From your personal dashboard you'll be able to see:

  • The list of websites they visited with search queries, links, and timestamps.
  • Deleted Internet history.
  • Any login details they used, including usernames and passwords.
  • The list of apps they use and how long they use them for
  • Their current GPS location and a history of their movements
  • And more!

Best of all, mSpy works in complete stealth mode, so the user will never know they're being tracked.

How to Spot Suspicious Activity on Their Browsing History?

Now that you know how to check your browsing history, you might be wondering how to spot something suspicious. Here are some things to look out for:

1. If they're visiting sites that they normally wouldn't visit, it could be a sign that they're hiding something.

2. If they're trying to access websites blocked by your parental controls, it could be a sign that they're trying to bypass them.

3. If they're deleting their browsing history, it could signify that they don't want you to see what they've been up to.

4. If they're using private browsing mode, it could be a sign that they're attempting to hide their activity from you.

Bottom Line - What Is the Best Method to Spy on Internet Activity?

If you have their Google credentials on your hands, monitoring of Google activity is the simplest way to get the full picture of their internet usage. If you're not comfortable with that level of monitoring, or if you don't have their Google credentials, then a phone spy app is your next best option!



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