What are the best hands-free Bluetooth devices of 2023

WHAT ARE THE BEST HANDS-FREE BLUETOOTH DEVICES OF 2023If you’re looking at Bluetooth devices there’s a good chance you’re currently behind the wheel of an older car. If you want to have a browse of some newer models, you should look at some cars for sale here. You might be surprised by how cheap some tech-heavy used models are.

The big thing to remember when going hands-free is that it’s an offence to use your phone while driving. Being caught will result in a £200 fine, or a ban if you’re a new driver. So this stuff is really important.

A Bluetooth device in your car allows you to connect your smartphone to your car wirelessly and enhance in-car entertainment. Have an older car? You’ll be making phone calls and streaming musically seamlessly (and legally) before you know it!

Below, we’ve highlighted the best Bluetooth devices around based on price and quality. These little things will soon make your 20-year old car feel almost like new.

Anker Soundsync Bluetooth receive - £25.99

AA Bluetooth Earpiece This small and mighty device gives Bluetooth connectivity to any sound system with an AUX port. It’s the go-to accessory for modernising an old car, and it’s a lot cheaper and less time consuming than buying and fitting a new radio.

Once connected, music from your phone can be played on your current car radio and you’ll be able to make and receive calls too. The 12-hour battery life means you’ll probably only need to charge it once per week too.

AA Bluetooth Earpiece - £7

A bit of an old-school looking earpiece here. But there’s no denying quite how much of a bargain it is.

This little device sits in your ear and is a doddle to use. It makes and receives calls easily, its small size doesn’t get in the way of glasses plus you can stream music through it as well.

Avantree CK11 Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker - £39.99

Hear us out here. A Bluetooth speaker is an elegant solution if your car’s radio has packed up and you want to avoid an expensive trip to the garage. Or if you own a classic car that you don’t want to make it unoriginal with a DAB radio. Or perhaps you own an incredibly specialised bit of racing hardware and you want something you can bring in and out of the car with you. Every gram saved on track surely makes a difference.

The Avantree simply clips somewhere, and it allows you to stream music or take calls. It also works with Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Which means you can check directions or the weather (or ask it silly questions) on the go.

New bee Bluetooth Headset V5.0 

Another slightly old-school Bluetooth headset. It’s like the AA model further up this list but talk time is an impressive 24 hours, or around 22 hours if you listen to music through it. Comes in black, white, or gold.



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