Virtual reality and casinos: the future of immersive gaming experiences

VIRTUAL REALITY AND CASINOS: THE FUTURE OF IMMERSIVE GAMING EXPERIENCESSince the emergence of online casinos they began to actively displace the traditional, as it is now common to say "land-based" casinos from the gambling market.

However, once such a gaming portal to gain universal recognition, as new technologies that can significantly change the future of online gambling and significantly reduce the segments of even such popular areas of the gaming industry, such as £2 deposit casino UK
We are talking about virtual reality and immersive gaming technologies.

A glimpse into the future

At last year's SBC Summit in Barcelona, XRBet presented an augmented virtual reality startup aimed at iGaming operators. The immersive scenarios practised in immersive technologies take the player back to the origins of casinos and betting shops. Evolution moves in a spiral and in this case, iGaming trends have made almost a full circle. The next stage of transition from land-based casinos to online gaming is the complete virtualisation of this sphere of activity. Moreover, the rapid development of VR technologies can lead to the creation of gaming meta universes in the very near future.

Henny Zijlstra and Ferid Ben, the founders and owners of XRBet, have shown that the gaming industry has more potential than previously thought. One example is the idea of creating the most comfortable virtual environment for the player. Moreover, it has virtually no limitations. As Ferid Ben says, in practice it looks as follows. Conducts a survey of the client and finds out his main preferences. For example, the player likes to go hiking, as well as films "Jurassic Park". Under it is created a slot machine of comparable themes, and the player is placed in a virtual environment that imitates the jungle with dinosaurs and appropriate audio and video accompaniment.

Online and VR casinos, what is the difference?

VR technologies already have enough multifunctional capabilities. Their adaptation to the requirements of the gaming industry is happening quite quickly in several directions at once. First of all, it is a detailed imitation of land-based casinos, players can interact with each other and the croupier in real time. However, there are other differences between a regular online casino and a more modern VR casino:

  • Having a more detailed space that can be used not only for gambling, but also for socialising. The standard set of VR casinos will soon be considered not only gaming rooms with different types of slot machines, table and card gambling games, but also lounge areas, reception areas that will act as customer service, 3D bars used for ordering real drinks with delivery, etc.
  • Visual and sound effects. Earlier it was mentioned about the unlimited possibilities of forming a virtual space for the player. It is worth noting that there are several possible ways of development in this direction. The most obvious is, as detailed as possible imitation of the best land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Monaco, Buenos Aires and other leading gaming centres. In the future, branded casinos will be able to receive through their virtual counterparts no less profit than from land-based gaming halls.
  • The second area of development that requires attention is the most natural animation of players. This development is especially important for virtual poker players. And we are talking not only about the movements provided by the programme, but also the reading of unintentional muscle reactions, facial expressions, etc.
  • Technical implementation. This direction does not cause special problems in terms of both available technologies and VR equipment available at the moment on the market. Modern VR headsets, such as VR Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream and many others by their technical parameters fully meet the current demands of virtual casinos. At the same time, the technical development of VR technologies is even ahead of the demands of the gaming industry, which is due to some inertia of the developers' thinking.

Trends and ways of development

Undoubtedly, soon in the list of services leading online casinos will appear in the list of virtual reality sections, just as in its time were massively introduced directions Live casino with live dealers or crash games like Aviator. As practice shows, any popular direction of gambling activity, which can bring profit is implemented by leading market players quickly enough. In this case, the implementation of this idea can have the following main directions:

  • Maximum detailed imitation of land-based casinos, in which slot machines and tables will represent only slightly modified analogues of currently available gambling games (3D visualised shell);
  • Creation of unique gaming platforms (machines) with completely new principles of presentation of winning lines / combinations. At the same time, the use of random number generator and algorithms regulating RTP, variance and volatility will remain virtually unchanged;
  • VR poker rooms are one of the most technically challenging areas, where it is necessary to transfer the muscular reactions of players as accurately as possible.


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