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Will Virtual Reality Make it Easier for Expats to Socialize With People Back Home?

WILL VIRTUAL REALITY MAKE IT EASIER FOR EXPATS TO SOCIALIZE WITH PEOPLE BACK HOME?One of the few downsides for expats who move to Portugal is the fact that they need to jump on an airplane if they want to see their friends from home. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to keep in touch, albeit via text and video calls.

Virtual reality could be set to make keeping in touch even easier, however. The exciting new technology could bring about virtual spaces in which people from all over the world can hang out. This means that expats will be able to socialize easily with friends in their home countries, without having to fork out for a flight ticket every time.

Virtual Entertainment Zones Could be the First Breakthrough

There are plenty of VR devices on the market, but the technology isn’t yet mainstream. This could be set to change over the next few years, as key industries help to push the platform to mass audiences. Projections suggest that sector will be worth a whopping $441.84 billion by 2030, so progress could come thick and fast.

The entertainment industry looks set to play a big part in pushing VR, as gaming is one of the platform’s primary uses. Some of the biggest developers in the business are working on VR titles now, as many see this as the next leap forward for the sector.

The online bingo industry could be a catalyst for VR growth as well, as sites in the industry have always sought ways to bring the social features of the game to an online setting. Bingo sites usually win players over through their bingo promotions like free credits and jackpot mayhem events. Being able to offer an enhanced social experience would also be a major selling point for these pages.

People who have made the shift to living abroad may soon be able to contact their friends and arrange to meet up in entertainment settings like bingo rooms. As well as having an activity to play, they may be able to sit and chat with one another and feel as if they are in the same place.

VR Meetups Could Cover Varying Themes

The great thing about VR is the fact that it has limitless potential. Along with entertainment sites that can provide players with a place to socialize, there could be dedicated social settings as well. This would be the next step in the evolution of social media, and it could help people connect with others who match their personality types.

This could be achieved through the rise of themed VR social settings. For example, nature lovers could meet up in virtual forests, or sports enthusiasts could converge at virtual sports matches. VR will also offer new ways to network for business and could completely transform sites like LinkedIn.

The internet has already broken down global borders, and VR is the next step. Soon, it may be possible for expats to socialize with friends from home just as easily as they would if they still lived there.


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