ASB head for the hills

ASB HEAD FOR THE HILLSThe Algarve Senior Bikers met in Paderne for the start of their September ride, splitting into two groups- one led by Andrew Chilton and the other one led by Steve Wills.

They were assisted by Dave Loewy and Huw Chivers. The good wide roads from the start all the way to Sao Marcos de Serra allowed the ASB riders to perfect their group riding technique, riding all the way to Sao Marcos in excellent close formation.

From there they headed towards the hills and a short stop for refreshments in Nave Redonda. Feeling refreshed, they then head into the hills and towards Monchique, enjoying spectacular views all around. From there they went even higher into the mountains, taking the narrow road which goes from Monchique across towards Alferce, with views towards the coast and the barragem at Odelouca. This is one of the highest roads in the Algarve and passes close to Picota.

A few stops were made to take in the beautiful views on such a lovely clear sunny day.

The riders then continued a circular tour back through Alferce and returned down the hills in the direction of Portimao, stopping for lunch at restaurant O Castelo.
Lunch was traditional Piri Piri for which the restaurant is famous.

The Ride was organized by David Shirley, Andrew Chilton, Steve Wills and Dave Loewy, assisted on the day by Huw Chivers.
The world superbike racing took place over the weekend and several ASB members enjoyed the good close racing at the autodrome.

The next ride will be on October the 26, details will be available on www.algarveseniorbikers.com shortly. 

David Shirley - Organiser


Photos by David Shirley and Andrew Chilton

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