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Cinderella  -  Panto Perfect 

CINDERELLA  -  PANTO PERFECT Cinderella! The name alone brings back memories of a dozen diverse Cinderellas. It is a story that can be told in a thousand different ways. The tale goes back to Grecian mythology and has become part of our own mythical English world.

One of the best loved pantomimes, it is a favourite among all families. Would the Algarveans be able to perform an impactful version of Cinderella? The verdict is YES… in Spades.

What stood out from this Cinderella was firstly the animation of the whole cast. From the first curtain they emanated confidence and chorus and dancing team were hugely enthusiastic and this radiated into the audience.

We loved Matilde Vieira as Cinderella with her beautiful singing voice and lithe dancing, Alexander Melo partnered her well as the Prince. What a plus having two talented Portuguese in the major roles. Bethany Blakemore as Buttons was the lynch pin who kept the kids involved, participating as the scenes progressed.

Lara Costa made a big splash with her special “Hey, Big Spender” and Andy Arkle amused as a Scottish Baron Hardup, while Angela Theobold was typecast as the Good Fairy.

What an amazing couple were Frank Remiatte and Alan Smith as the Ugly Sisters. These two could have put professionals in the shade. The way they played off each other and took us the audience with them was breathtaking.

Behind this wonderful production is a director who knows her panto onions. Palmas [applause] for Tracey Christiansen for a panto perfect. Hope to see her magic next year.

We are delighted to thank  ALGARVEPICTURES for their beautiful professional images of the show -  fb.com/algarvepictures

Cinderella, performed by The Algarveans

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