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Bella Acapella: 2023, another year of amazing singing in close harmony!

BELLA ACAPELLA: 2023, ANOTHER YEAR OF AMAZING SINGING IN CLOSE HARMONY!Another year passed, very quickly, for the Bella Acapella chorus, the only Barbershop chorus in Portugal with 32 members of 11 nationalities !

We have done so many things this year : concerts with the "Musica nas igrejas" in Tavira, concert with the Concordia choir from the States, concert in Olhão, coachings here and in Spain with the  Barbershop of Iberia Association, our amazing 15th anniversary's concert and party, and our ongoing preparations for the Barbershop chorus contest in April 2024 in Spain!!!

So much work, dedication, energy, time, and FUN! Look at our picture, we are all so happy to sing together!

And we are so lucky to have our so committed, positive and energetic Musical Director, Rob Does, whose words are always so inspiring, look at these ones about our October concert at the Igreja do Carmo in Tavira: " It is that magical moment when the audience is quiet, the pitch is blown and we make a perfect chord... Goose bumps... You did it, we did it! There were so many great moments.... All sections did great... We smiled, we applauded, and we landed a show. I am so very proud of all of you! Now it is time to relax and forget for a moment about pitch, projection, fifth, seventh and consonants..."

Yes, now it's almost Christmas time and we all need a real break to rest and focus on our families, and ... our competition songs!

Bella Acapella Chorus, Olhão
: http://www.bellaacapella.pt. 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bellaacapella.portugal

Bella Acapella chorus,


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