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Lagoa Kids Rugby Club... come and give it a try!?

LAGOA KIDS RUGBY CLUB... COME AND GIVE IT A TRY!?Training re-starts in Lagoa next Thursday, 11th January at 17.30h. Rugby promotes respect, discipline, personal development and team ethics, which are skills that kids need to get through life... why not give it a try!?

Clube de Rugby Universatário do Algarve (CRUAl) was established by Ricardo Rafael and Miguel Eufrasio in 1992 in Faro, to promote and develop rugby through the University locally, and the Algarve in general. Since then the club has evolved to promote, develop, train and encourage young people (generally ages 5 to 18) to take up the great game of rugby. 

Rugby’s philosophy has always been a team process, with respect for other players, trainers and officials at the heart of what we do, whilst developing players’ skills and abilities. As a Rugby Family, the major emphasis is on FUN - we want all of our kids to thoroughly enjoy the experience, so they want to keep returning, developing their skills and abilities on the way. 

LAGOA KIDS RUGBY CLUB... COME AND GIVE IT A TRY!?Organiser of the Lagoa Club, Dave Alger, explains that “We don’t tend to get hurt; it is a physical contact game but we don’t get any major injuries and there is a level of respect that we try to instil into the kids that they don’t get in football as we don’t put up with arguing with them.” Adding, “When I referee, the rules I try to tell people that rule one is that the referee is always right and in the unlikely event that referee is wrong, see rule one.”

“Rugby is the universal language so we have kids of all nationalities and we do have enough kids that also translate in sessions if needed which adds to the social aspect of it all. What has been really nice to see is the personal development side of it all, some of the kids who have developed over the last couple of years, it builds up their confidence.”

Current set-up

We presently have two training camps - one in Faro and one in Lagoa. We have a healthy membership, but are always looking to develop and increase the numbers of kids who want to come and learn how to play the game.

The main coaching team have completed Portugal Rugby Federation (FPR) accredited training courses, and we are supported on the training pitch by parents and other helpers, who are currently, or about to take, the relevant FPR Coaching Course.

All players are registered with the club, which in turns registers them with the FPR.

Additionally, we have a girls’ Under 19 team that plays and trains in Faro, and both Faro and Lagoa have Adult (and kids) Touch Rugby sessions once a week. 

Training venues and times, etc.


Campo Horta da Areia

Monday - 18.00 to 20.00 - Kids training

Wednesday - 18.00 to 20.00 - under 19s, Kids and Adult Touch Rugby


Campo Alagoas

Tuesday - 17.30 to 19.30

Thursday - 17.30 to 19.00, then 19.00 to 20.00 for Adult Touch Rugby.



TM: Faro/general - Ricardo Rafael - 96 551 9309 (PT, EN) | Lagoa - Dave Alger - 96 231 5256 (EN)



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