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New head of English Freemasons in Portugal

NEW HEAD OF ENGLISH FREEMASONS IN PORTUGALPierre Caeiro has been appointed the new head of the English Freemasons in Portugal. He was invested during a meeting of the Lagos based Lodge of Discoveries held at the Tivoli Hotel, Lagos on Thursday 18th January.

The ceremony was attended by Derek Tilbury who is the District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Gibraltar. Derek invested Pierre on behalf of the United Grand Lodge of England. Also, in attendance was Paulo Rola the Deputy Grand Master of Grande Loja Legal de Portugal, GLLP, the Portuguese Freemasons.

Left to right: Paulo Rola, Deputy Grand Master of Grande Loja Legal de Portugal - Pierre Caeiro, New Grand Inspector of the group of UGLE English lodges in Portugal  - Derek Tilbury, District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of GibraltarEnglish Freemasonry has been practised in Portugal since 1990 under the governance of the United Grand Lodge of England, UGLE. It has grown steadily since and there are now four Lodges and three Royal Arch Chapters, operating across the Algarve and the Greater Lisbon area. Pierre’s official title is Grand Inspector of the group of UGLE English lodges in Portugal. He takes over from Robert Levitt.

The ceremony was part of one of the regular meetings of the Lodge of Discoveries. A large attendance of over 50 Freemasons included visitors from Pierre’s Surrey Lodge and Chapter in the UK, Freemasons from Gibraltar, GLLP Freemasons as well as the Lodge of Discoveries. The ceremony was followed by a fabulous dinner put on by the Tivoli Hotel, where €670 was raised for local charities.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest social and charitable organisations. It is an open organisation, based on four fundamental principles, integrity, friendship, respect and service to the community. In today’s often divided and uncertain world, these are all still very relevant.

Pierre Caeiro said “Freemasons play an active role in our local communities, volunteering our time and skills for good causes and supporting a wide range of diverse charities through ongoing charitable partnerships and the formation of new friendships and support networks.

There are many reasons for joining Freemasonry, but whatever your interests, be it sporting, looking to form new friendships and expand your current social circle, a wish to explore the rich history of Freemasonry or perhaps a desire to support local good causes and charities or to seek out the challenge of a new hobby. Once you join you will meet people from all walks of life and the opportunity to follow your interests and be part of an exciting and dynamic social scene.

I love being a Freemason. I thoroughly enjoy our ceremonies, the convivial atmosphere at our dinners, the social and charitable events, but above all, I have a great deal of fun doing all these things, while giving back something to my community.”

Pierre first became a freemason in Surrey in 1988. His father was also a freemason. As well as his new role, Pierre is the current Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Discoveries, which meets at the Tivoli in Lagos.

For more information regarding the English Freemasons in Portugal, please contact Lodge secretary, John Bergstrom-Potter, at sec@9409.eu


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