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The Saint Andrew’s Society of the Algarve Burns Supper is a success once again

THE SAINT ANDREW’S SOCIETY OF THE ALGARVE BURNS SUPPER IS A SUCCESS ONCE AGAINThe Saint Andrew’s Society of the Algarve duly held their Burns Supper at the Ponte Romana restaurant in Silves on Saturday 27 January. The Supper was a resounding success with 140 participants.

Our usual bagpiper Malcolm MacGillivray again came out of retirement to get the evening off to a scintillating start by welcoming guests. Guests enjoyed a glass or two of bubbly sponsored by Blevins Franks. The restaurant has welcomed us for this event for many years and is now well practised in preparing and serving the traditional Macsween’s haggis, tatties and neeps. I addressed the haggis after it had been piped in by Malcolm and a dram offered to him and the accompanying “kilties”.

After the main speech – a reflective Immortal Memory by Blair Sanderson - the teasing Toast to the Lassies was made by Wilhelm Engstrom and Philippa Clancey’s response on behalf of the lassies was much enjoyed by the ladies in the audience. The assembled company then enjoyed lively and enthusiastic Scottish dancing (conducted by Diane Wilson, using the dance programme prepared by Mardie Cunningham, who also made the superb Atholl Brose) – and the proceedings were brought to a close just after midnight with ‘Auld Lang Syne’. The amber mead – or whisky – for the evening was also very kindly provided by Blevins Franks and was very much appreciated. But the success of the evening was due mainly to the work before and during the evening by Kathy Prentice. Our thanks also go to the number of “volunteers” who helped with the room decoration and also with service during the evening..

Our next event will be the Saint Andrew’s Ball on 30 November (Saint Andrew’s Day) at the Hotel Penina.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the Society, or even keen to become a member, is welcome to ring Kathy Prentice on 919 635246. Our Society is small and comprises many nationalities, so no need to be Scots! And if you would like to give Scottish dancing a try why not contact Mardie Cunningham, who runs the dancing at the Nobel International School in Porches on Monday evenings.  Her email address is rosevale45@gmail.com.

Doug McAdam, Chieftain

Saint Andrew’s Society Algarve

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