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Record Turn Out For ASB New Year Ride

RECORD TURN OUT FOR ASB NEW YEAR RIDEOn Tuesday the 23rd of January the Algarve Senior Bikers held their New Year's ride. This ride had been postponed from the previous week, due to the heavy rains and high winds in the area.

As it turned out, it was a good decision because the weather was absolutely fabulous. Beautiful sunshine and beautiful clear views of the surrounding countryside and and towards the coast from the start.

It was a record turnout for the ASB. The number of riders taking part was 55, with 40 plus bikes involved in the ride. The members met in Boliqueime for a ride through the hills above Salir, before descending down to Querenca for a coffee break at the popular cafe run by Rosa, in the Square opposite the church.

After the break the route took them towards the west and down through the pretty valley to Alte, where they had lunch on the outside terrace of O Folclore restaurant. Entertainment provided as usual by Baltazar the resident donkey.

The event was planned by David Shirley and Philippe Payen who led the two groups with assistance of Phill Anderson and Leo Laurense.

The next organized ride will be on the 27th of February and details will be released soon after the annual planning meeting on February 2nd.

The planning meeting will be on Friday 2nd February at Rooster's and will commence at 11 am. ROOSTER'S is on the N270, São Bartolomeu de Messines to Paderne road. Lunch will be available from there usual menu.



Photos by David Shirley, Sandra Gregor & Philippe Payen

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