Robbed by Brussels - €6,600-a-year

euromillions2There is no fair taxation. The more profit they have, the less tax is paid by giga corporations. Almost all have cartels and dominate the market in the EU and Portugal; they pay only 2%-5% through tax havens.

In 2012, the European Parliament presented proposals to reduce this tax evasion. Brussels did nothing. Lux Leaks detailed the evasion in 2014. To compensate for this fraud, governments tax us more.

They verified that annually A TRILLION EUROS (a thousand billion), through evasion or fraud, does not enter the treasury.


Which are these? The LuxLeaks list 540, including:

Energy: AMP-Investors, Acergy Group, Amcom Allied, Archangel Diamond, China Petrochem, China Yunnan, Evraz Group, Eon, Exinor, Foresight, Graymont, HSBC, Hutchison. Are they in Portugal? Yes! Our energy suppliers belong to speculative funds; they transfer the profits to Luxembourg.

Banking and Finance: ABN, AIG, AXA, ACCENTURE, Blue House, Boston Consulting, Richard Ellis, Cargill, Carlyle, GE Group, Rothschild. Do you recognize some here?

Food: Coca-Cola, Heinz, Pepsi, Encore, etc.

Health: Abbot, Argan Capital, GE Group, Glaxo, Health Alliance, Palamon Capital, Vers Werk, Westfallen. Speculative funds?

Industry: Black & Decker, Bucher, Foster, Koch, Int'l Flavors, Mettler, Procter Gamble, Titan, United Tech etc.

Media: CBN, Carlyle, McGraw-Hill, Walt Disney, Star Capital, Vitec Group, Viva Group. Funds dominate the media without us knowing; they keep the original names of broadcasters.

"In 2012 the European Parliament suggested to control the tax evasion of these corporations; in 2014 LuxLeaks detailed each evasion. Why not published here? Why did not Brussels do a thing?"

Trade: LVMH Moet Vuitton (drinks, cosmetics and fashion), Amazon, Fedex, British-American Tobacco, Kohler, Highland Capital, IK Investment, etc., more funds.

Hightech: Apple, Finmeccanica, Intel-sat, Tele2, Skype, Telenet, Vodafone, Verizon, Damovo Group, Golden Gate Capital.

The list is long and covers all sectors. They are from USA, Germany, France and Holland. VITAL question: Already in 2012 the European Parliament suggested control of this tax evasion of these gigas; in 2014 LuxLeaks detailed each evasion. Why not published? Why did Brussels do nothing? Why does the minister of finance say nothing?

While the PM of Luxembourg, Junker signed these contracts secretly. Those who knew about them were frightened after the Swiss authorities arrested a director of a bank who had denounced fraud by the administration. Like in Portugal, those who know - shut up. Here, denouncing of a misappropriation or undue loan, e.g. the high risk loans at BPN, BES and CGD, is a greater crime than the fraud itself. The directors are there with high salaries. Denouncers are detained. Those robbed continue to be robbed.

In Northern Europe those charged with tax crimes have to prove that they did not commit fraud or tax evasion when fair evidence is shown. Anyone who denounces, if he participated, has a reduced sentence; this is the key to penalise those in charge.

The ten EU countries outside the Euro, check tax evasion. Every one of the evaders, on average, robs us of €120-€190 billion a year. Google, Microsoft, etc, convicted in the EU have yet to pay their fines.

Those who have allowed all of this are in Brussels and in the EU capitals, earning many millions a year. TV gives them a voice, but not to those who claim frauds. WHY?


Jack Soifer, 2019

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