Terrorism - in the Algarve soon?

europeFour years ago I published for the first time that Portugal would be the gateway for terrorists in the EU. I do not have a crystal ball. It is historical and logical. Earlier, in 2005, I published in ‘Barlavento’ that we would have a crisis in 2009 - writes Jack Soifer.

The accident in Funchal was a terrorist act, perhaps by one person. The organization behind it does not want to reveal itself. Leaving doubts requires more work from intelligence agencies - and it creates interest among extremists.

None transfer patients undergoing intensive treatment on a long trip in an airplane that does not have the same resources as a hospital. An accident of this size may bring a secretary of state, not a minister of the powerful Germany. I do not know of any president who, in the last decade, flew so far to see injuries.

The likelihood of a natural accident of this magnitude is minimal. The likelihood of someone acting in the bus while no one was there is high. Urgent transfer of injured is justifiable, to take advantage of fresh memories. Such a report may indicate some person who might have obtained information there on the plans of these groups and their route. A crime with international repercussion.

For the Portuguese government to realise the importance of the demands made by the German intelligence, needed permits, so a minister had to arrive. Our President went there to give the impression that it was an accident and thus convey his sorrow. The world's press was led to convey the message that this was an accident. Only investigative journalists have launched the increasingly realistic hypothesis of terrorism.

It is easy for terrorists to enter Portugal. Suspects are more thoroughly checked in countries like England, Holland, Germany, than here. We know that an attack on the Portuguese has less media effect than an attack on foreigners.

"Many governments are looking for criminals to punish them and spend more taxpayer € in defence. Us investigators want to disclose the CAUSES, and how to AVOID, not simply to fight them"

Terror act also in Notre-Dame! There are no renovations to heritage sites without fire extinguishing systems, as we know the risks of fire. Very strange that the fire spread with brutal speed. It is likely that it was set fire in several places at the same time. It's strange that it happened in Easter week. Very strange that the authorities quickly said that an accident was the likely cause. This kind of investigation takes many days. With the very dry wood in the structure, traditional means used by arsonists, such as gasoline or alcohol, are not needed, as the police can identify these easily.

By restricting access to other monuments in Paris, the police indicated they feared another attack, just like the Easter one. Plan B for those terrorists became Sri Lanka.

Many governments are looking for criminals to punish them and spend more of the taxpayer's money on defence. We want to disclose the CAUSES amnd how to AVOID, not only to fight. A bad manager, politician, government, fights; a fair one looks for causes to FORECAST AND PREVENT.

It is much cheaper than fighting. Here the government has allocated €65 million of the taxpayer for aerial means of fire fighting; prevention would cost about €4 million. Who wins? A cartel, without public tender!


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