'Pornographic Content' scam in the name of the PSP (police)

Pornographic Contint scamIn recent days "pop ups" have again appeared on some people’s computers with the logo of the PSP (Direcção Nacional), with instructions for payment for alleged violation of the law of "copyright and adjacent rights" and / or disclosure of "Pornographic Content Prohibited". 

In addition to containing a realistic identifying graphic, it's has indicators that induce users into taking various steps, in addition to automatically activating their webcam on their PC, leading the user to believe that they are being monitored.

Users are also informed that the acts committed constitute a crime or an offense punishable with a "fine", and order them to carry out a monetary payment to unlock the computer. This is in the form of a virus.

The PSP have officially requested that this information be disseminated to as many people as possible and have issued instructions to those who may have been subject to this attack.

More details of this and action to take if you believe your computer has been infected can be found in Portuguese on the official PSP website - www.psp.pt/Pages/defaultPSP.aspx.

For more information regarding this and other Algarve crime news visit www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com

For Technical Assistance regarding this, or any other Computer related problem please contact Chris at Techni-call on 936 544 998.


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