TMN misleading customers over 4G service, beware

TMNDear Ed,

The bottom line is that TMN advertises 'unlimited' 4G services, but in reality this service is limited to an extremely low download limit of 15 GB. Having reached this limit they drop the speed to an unworkable level of 128kbps.

This is not to mention that the advertised speeds are not even half of what they actually deliver.

Complaining to TMN, via the complaints book, consumidor.pt, and Anacom all came to no avail. TMN responds with standard templates basically saying that yes the 15GB is not advertised on their leaflets, contract or any other info, but that it is written in their Terms & Conditions on the website and that we are therefore bound to it. This is obviously nonsense however reasoning with them did not get us anywhere as you just get the same template response over and over.

The other organisations do not even respond what so ever, despite reminders and acknowledgement of receipt.

Trying to get somewhere we started warning fellow clients via forums and the attached leaflets. As soon as we put this on one forum we had about 10 people with the exact same problem. In fact when I went to the TMN shop the assistant said he has several customers per week 'ranting' about this problem and acknowledges many customers have been misled. He now warns customers himself when making a sale.

My question is if you can give this your attentions so we can warn other customers! This behaviour from these organisations is also in stark contract with EU policy.

(Name of reader withheld to avoid further persecution)

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