What types of Meta campaigns support dynamic creatives ads?

WHAT TYPES OF META CAMPAIGNS SUPPORT DYNAMIC CREATIVES ADS?If you're on Meta and have created a campaign for Facebook and/ or Instagram, but you don't see the option to choose dynamic creative ads, one of two things happened – either you've created a campaign with a goal (at campaign level) where this option is not available, or you have a campaign conversion location (at the ad group level) that doesn't allow you to use this functionality.

That's right, not all campaign types have this feature available. And within each campaign, on the ad group, according to the chosen conversion location, you may or may not also have the option to create dynamic creatives ads.

Now, if you found this article after having your campaign created, with the ad groups all tidy up, the audiences defined (hopefully you’ve saved them so you don't lose them) and you were ready to get into the wonderful dynamic ads world that allow us to put all the versions within just one, forget it... start over the campaign and select an objective and a conversion location that supports this type of ads (if it makes sense for what you plan to promote, of course).

So, let's have a quick look at what you need to choose in order to run this type of ads on Meta.

Choosing the campaign goal:

There are only a few campaign objectives that allow us create dynamic creative ads, namely:

- Engagement;

- Awareness;

- Traffic;

- App Promotion;

- Leads or Sales.

Select conversion locations at the ad group level:

Conversion locations, are the destinations to where we want to send the people who see the ads. And they are chosen according to the action we want them to perform. For example, if we want them to send us a message, we select “Messaging Apps”.

After choosing a campaign-level objective that allows the creation of ads with dynamic creatives, we must select the type of conversion location at the ad group level. The conversion location options that allow us to create this type of ‘smart’ ad, for Facebook and Instagram, according to each type of campaign are:


In the previous table, marked in grey, you will find the conversion location options that are not available within the campaigns mentioned above, as is the case in campaigns with the awareness objective. In these campaigns, the ads are view-only (an image and text for people to see without telling them to go to the website or take another action) and when we try to choose the dynamic creatives option in the ad group, we can see that it is not even shown. The same happens with app promotions, where the only two options available to select at the campaign level are the goal "App promotion" and its type "App ads", to then be able to create the dynamic ads.

Ad types that you can create in the dynamic creatives option:

It is important that you retain that when you activate the "Dynamic Creative" option, some ad types in this version are impossible to create, like the carousel format ad. But you can include images and videos (and even create them directly on Meta) for your dynamic creative ads – all these media elements can be uploaded in various sizes (for example, in story and post size).

Another question that usually also comes up with the dynamic creative ads is ‘can I activate them without Meta's Advantage campaign budget?’.

The answer is YES, you can. At least up until when we wrote this article, as Meta recurrently makes unpredictable (and sometimes surprising!) updates to its platform.

Should you have more than one ad group, the Advantage campaign budget distributes the investment value across the ad groups, assigning more money to the best performing groups. This can be a beneficial strategy if you don’t have a set amount to spend (daily or lifetime) at the ad group level and if you trust Meta's algorithm.

Finally, and for those who are still not familiarised with these smart ads, we remind you that dynamic creative ads are those that allow you to upload various multimedia elements (videos and images in multiple sizes), as well as different written components for the ad (copy, titles and calls-to-action), so that Meta can combine them in a variety of ways to try and show the best possible ad according to the user, and therefore improve the performance of the ad and consequently the cost per action (click, message, etc).

Now you can start creating your dynamic creative ads on Meta with the knowledge of which campaign types and conversion locations allow them. Or, if you prefer, contact us and we'll take care of this for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Meta’s algorithm work! Because, if we can't stop evolution, we might as well take advantage of it!

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