Aviator Game Algorithm and Key Facts

AVIATOR GAME ALGORITHM AND KEY FACTSThe Aviator game is one of the most fascinating multiplayer online casino games with simple rules and quick payouts. This unique virtual casino game was launched by Spribe in 2019 and it quickly became a sensation in the online casino market.

This article will help you understand the algorithm behind Spribe’s aviator game, key facts about the game, winning strategies, and tips for the game.

The Aviator game logic

Spribe’s aviator game on Betway features a simple mechanic that’s easy for beginners and experienced gamblers to understand quickly. At the start of the game, you’ll get a diagram resembling a coordinate system. The image features a plane that’s about to take off as soon as you hit the start button and the odds start increasing the moment that happens.

You’ll need to place your wager before hitting the start button for the plane to take off and you’ll receive payments according to the multiplier you get. The increasing coefficient you see on your screen when the plane is flying is the multiplier, but you must cash out before it flies away. When the plane flies away, the value goes back to zero and you lose your wager.

Aviator game analysis

The main trick to becoming successful when playing Spribe’s aviator game on Betway is to analyze how other users are playing the game. Most newcomers make the mistake of believing they can get quick cash from the payouts at the beginning of the match when the odds are still low. However, the multiplier can also stop on low numbers, even before the plane reaches a 1.5X coefficient.

The problem with targeting low coefficients is that every loss needs many future bets for you to recover. That means the best strategy is to bet on big odds based on the Martingale system and analyze how other users are betting on the current game.

Aviator game betting tips and tricks

Spribe’s aviator game has changed the way people perceive and approach the online betting market. Succeeding in the game doesn’t depend on the experience of the player in previous games and you can easily win big by applying an effective strategy. Here are several aviator game betting tips and tricks that you might find helpful:

Decide your bankroll

You can’t always make thousands of dollars playing online casino games. The most crucial thing is to set a bankroll and know when to stop to avoid losing more than you had planned. Consider the amount you’re willing to lose and always leave the game before the money in your betting accounts dries up.

Test your betting strategy in free mode

The demo or free mode is a great opportunity for players to put their betting skills to the test without putting their hard-earned money on the balance. That makes the free mode a valuable tool in testing out new strategies before you wager for real cash.

Keep the volatility low

To avoid losing, calculate the plane’s probability of falling by considering the new latest tricks and consider withdrawing your money before the odds run too high. After all, the higher the plane flies, the more likely it is to fly away.


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