Make your voice count British Nationals!

Make your voice count British Nationals!The Electoral Commission has achieved a much simpler method of individual voter registration on-line. It will be a huge help to getting a voice for the British expatriates in the EU, especially in view of the proposed Referendum.
Unfortunately the 15 year limit still stands. BUT if we could get somewhere around 100,000 people to register I believe it might well result in that 15 year limit lifted!

New Europeans...Our new campaigns

New Europeans...Our new campaignsWe are a new, fast-growing and innovative organisation and we have just celebrated our first year of activity! New Europeans is working with our volunteers, partners and allies to give a practical and measured response to the three key challenges:

Making the popular case for Britain's membership of the European Union

Advancing a positive narrative about migration in Britain and Europe

Shaping a New Europe which meets the aspirations of the European citizen

Still many reasons why British expats should vote

Still many reasons why British expats should voteMichael Cushing who regularly comments on these blog postings, quite rightly added the following comment to last week's posting:

See the previous posting here.

Votes for Expats, end of month report

Votes for Expats, end of month reportBefore I start the regular month end MIS report for May I felt it only right that I should share the following recent article in The Economist - Europe's angry voters;  which is very relevant after some of the results in last week´s elections in some EU member states. Personally I have always found The Economist to be a high quality publication.

Near anarchy in the EU election jungle

euThe European parliamentary elections have resulted in convolutions bordering on chaos - but then what else did we expect from one of the biggest democratic events in the world, which spanned four days, 28 countries and almost 400 million citizens?

The European Union is such a befuddling and annoying phenomenon that a record number of voters in Portugal and elsewhere did not bother to turn out. A record number of those who did cast their vote do not even want to remain part of the union.

Should We Have a Right to Fire our MPs?

Should We Have a Right to Fire our MPs?If you work for a boss and your work is substandard, meaning you do not perform according to the standards expected of you, you get fired.

A government is a de facto corporation technically owned by the people of a country and all of us should have the right to hold government representatives accountable.

Why shouldn’t we as voters have the same right to fire our politicians when they fail to perform? Or when they fail to deliver on election promises? Or when they act against the best interests of their communities? (like in the case of the oil and gas exploration matter in the Algarve?)

European Elections - which party to vote for?

4794The European Parliamentary Elections are taking place in Portugal today,  the 25th of May 2014, and those who already have registered at their local Junta de Freguesia may have received a voting reminder.

If you are registered to vote, go to the polling station today with your Residencia (and passport just in case). Most voting stations are at the Junta de Freguesia but smaller ones may be at a local school. If you do not know where the polling station is, ask at your Junta de Freguesia or local café.

A lesson in Democracy

Harry SchindlerFurther to the announcement that Canada is extending democracy to all its citizens, wherever they live, Harry Shindler has commented:

"Great Britain that once prided itself that it taught the world democracy, and whose people died to defend that democracy, is now being given a lesson in what democracy really means."