SEO checklist for preparing a new page for your website

18614Adding a new page to your website is quite exciting – you´ve put your heart and soul into that page, prepared the content, prepared the layout, and, finally, it is out there in the world. Do you think your work is done, and that now the traffic from Google will start pouring into your website and the sales will skyrocket?

The most costly and common copywriting mistakes on websites, and how to avoid them

THE MOST COSTLY AND COMMON COPYWRITING MISTAKES ON WEBSITES, AND HOW TO AVOID THEMTo start off this discussion, it’s probably important to understand what copywriting really is, as there still seems to be some confusion between it and writing. Shirley Polykoff – one of the great advertising minds of the XX century and pioneer advertising woman – has probably said it best – “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer”.

SEO 101: Internal links – the dos and the don’ts

SEO 101: INTERNAL LINKS – THE DOS AND THE DON’TSIf you ever tried to learn anything about SEO, you’ve probably noticed that it sometimes seems that it is all about links. You need more links, you need better links, you need diverse links... Links, links, links.

Is the internet road paved with good intentions?!

Is the internet road paved with good intentions?!Do you know that old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? Surely you've used it a few times, but do you know what it means? Roughly, it says that having good ideas, dreams, or plans is not enough for something to happen. It is necessary to do, to act (with all the effort, work and risk that might imply) to achieve something, to be ‘successful’.

3 SEO practices that will never become irrelevant

3 SEO PRACTICES THAT WILL NEVER BECOME IRRELEVANTGoogle algorithms are getting better and better, and this makes SEO work quite tricky – the rules are constantly changing and sometimes doing something that is good today, means you might need to get rid of it in a year or so, after some of its changes. In our previous post (“3 outdated SEO practices that you need to stop using now”), we’ve already talked about some of these examples.

Two golden tips for optimising your Google Ads

TWO GOLDEN TIPS FOR OPTIMISING YOUR GOOGLE ADSDo you have a Google Ads account but think you spend a lot of money and get little results? Today we are going to give you two golden tips for its optimisation, which we always apply to our clients' accounts and are always mentioned in our Google Ads training.

How Having a Cloud System Can Save Your Business One Day

HOW HAVING A CLOUD SYSTEM CAN SAVE YOUR BUSINESS ONE DAYThe Cloud has provided an abundance of benefits for businesses and independent traders. There are many advantages one can derive from using the Cloud, and this page will seek to tell you a few of them, as well as explaining how the Cloud can save your business from closure, save it time, and save it money.

Facebook tips by Clarity

FACEBOOK TIPS BY CLARITYI opened Facebook today and it is completely different! Nobody asked me if I wanted it and now I don't understand it. How do I get back to the “normal” Facebook?

Facebook's new design is turning people’s head upside down. Everyone’s lost in it. Do you know where the icons and options are?